Meredith Elaine Baker
Be your best you! Involve yourself in musical activities that make you happy. There are so many slogans that we could apply to the sheer joy of singing in a large ensemble. Singers arrive for rehearsals tired out from the start of a new work-week, but leave refreshed by the act of singing from the heart and enjoying the fellowship that choral singing inspires.

Reaching out to young and old, The Long Island Choral Society enables intergenerational mingling, both in and out of the singing membership. Our audience is also a blend of many different ages and creeds.

After 84 years at the Cathedral of the Incarnation, this will be the first full season that we will be performing every concert elsewhere. Our first and last season concerts will be at Trinity Episcopal Church, Roslyn. We hope many of you will come to this lovely church on the North Shore (just off Route 25A, west of Glen Cove Road) to hear Brahms’ Requiem with Brahms’ two piano accompaniment and as an added treat, a set of Liturgical Songs by Ned Rorem (his 90th birthday is 22 October).

Holidays are not complete without Messiah! We’re so grateful to the many families that make our concert one of their annual traditions! We have a few lovely carols that will serve as the prelude to this fabulous seasonal work. Our regular full orchestra will be with us for this performance at Adelphi’s Performing Arts Center.

March 16 we will again be at Adelphi for a 4 PM performance of Carmina Burana by Orff. We will have wonderful soloists once again, and use the two piano and percussion arrangement of this great work.

So much goes on in our lives day to day! It’s amazing that our singers come out faithfully, week by week, to create a choral sound, and learn to blend their talents into one musical effort. In May we will return to Trinity Roslyn to perform shorter works by more contemporary composers that are exciting to singers and audiences world-wide. We are YOUR choral society. Please support us, and help us sing into the next decades!


Meredith Elaine Baker


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